April 2013 Minutes

The Regular meeting of the McGill Town Council was held on April 16, 2013 at the McGill Community/Senior Center located at the top of Avenue K at 7:00 P.M.

The following Council Members were in attendance:
                    Bob Winder, Chairman
                    Mike Borovansky, Member
                    Ed Dubrutz, Member
                    Sheri Mishler, Member
Absent Council Member:
                    Roxane Ballandby, Vice-Chairperson
Also in attendance:
Delores Manchester, Secretary/Town Clerk
Stacy Laird, Business Rep & McGill Revitalization Ass.
Holly Augare, McGill Community Activities Committee
Dustin Augare, McGill Volunteer Fire Dept.
Dennis “Woody” Robinson, McGill Park Mgr.
Gracyne Backus
Cynthia Angelopoulos, McGill Revitalization Ass.
Nathaniel Robertson, Day Engineering
Doug Thornburg, Park Applicant
Jonathan Pay, Park Applicant
Joseph R. Stark, Park Applicant
Brenda McConaha, Park Applicant/Girl Scout
Kristal Isaacs, Park Applicant
Bo Gleave, Park Applicant
Deputy Sheriff Steve Marques