1911 McGill Schoolhouse
1910 Train Time Card
1911 Welde Girls at Pageant
1909 McGill Railroad Depot
1909 East Ely Yard
1908 Ore Trains to McGill
1910 Boarding House
1908 Converter Building
1907 Tent City
1907 Tarpaper Shacks
McGill School Children
1908 Kennecott Smelter
1922 Smelter Fire
1911 McGill Clubhouse
1922 Burned Smelter
1920 McGill-Adams Stockyards
1911 Train Depot
1908 Smelter Stack
History of the Post Office
1907 Copper Club
McGill Milk Wagon

McGill, Nevada has a history rich with mining, ranching, and good ole family life.

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McGill's History Book

Many of the articles and photographs appearing on the history timeline and archive of this website were taken from the book, "McGill, Nevada - Over 100 Years of History", which was published by the McGill Town Council in June 2007. Countless hours were spent by Roxane Ballandby, a McGill Town Council Member, to compile the stories and photographs from members of the White Pine Communities of McGill and the surrounding area that made the first edition. The 400+ page book was edited by Evie Pinneo, White Pine Chamber of Commerce, and Anne Schroeder, McGill Town Council and printed by Silver State Industries.