Walk the Line

McGill's Historic Timeline


The Kinnears were a family with hearts of gold.  They did many wonderful things for the town of McGill and Ely. Mrs. Kinnear raised funds for books and saved every which way that she could to build a Library. Mr. Kinnear would have the workers that laid brick up at the plant, when they had nothing else going on come and help build the Library for the town and his wife. The Library was a place everyone could go and enjoy reading, spending time with friends or just studying for what ever class you might need help with at the McGill School.

Now this was an improvement from the first two room library at the clubhouse that was next door. Today the library is closed, and everyone is in hopes that the future will bring it to life again so our younger generation can go and enjoy it again.

Compiled by Roxane Ballandby, from information read on Jack Kinnear, 50 Years in Mining, and articles in the Copper Times and of the Goldfield Mining Camps.