Walk the Line

McGill's Historic Timeline


It’s not uncommon for the teachers to have snacks in the classroom for the students who don’t always get breakfast at home. Sometimes energy is needed to keep them focused and on track. No one in McGill is wealthy,” says Margaret Thiel, who has taught first grade at the school for such a very long time.

It hasn’t always been easy here at McGill, especially since 1983, when the copper mill and smelter closed after dominating what had been a thriving company town for most of this century. But the school remains a focus of the community and it could become more important than ever before.

Everyone has someone related that either attends or has attended McGill Schools. So the school is about the only thing that is consistent that we have left to focus on.   

This school has always ranked among the state’s best, it is a source of continuing pride in this community. We have even been designated a “Blue Ribbon School since the 1993-1994 school year.

“We were the only school in Nevada that made it that year.” This information came from Virginia Terry the McGill Grade School Principal now.

We are proud of the way the students and teachers learn here at McGill.  We have one of the best staffs for teaching anywhere in Nevada. The pride they show towards the students is exceptional and the kids learn so much more here.

She can remember when she first taught in the district, there were over 500 kids in McGill in 1976 when the mine was still running. Ms. Thiel said. With so much adversity in the town they needed that “Blue Ribbon Award”.

Along with its Blue Ribbon honor, McGill Grade School received a flag. “We’ll have that Blue Ribbon School designation forever,” said Mrs. Thiel.

Photo donated by McGill Grade School