Walk the Line

McGill's Historic Timeline


This photo is of the shipping time at the McGill-Adams corrals, East Ely, ca. 1920, fall was always an exciting time at the McGill-Adams stockyards , as thousand of head of cattle and sheep were herded on the hoof from all over White Pines County for shipment to market on the Nevada Northern Railroad. The packing house and stockyards were originally built to accommodate the vast herds of cattle, sheep and horses belonging to the McGill-Adams company.

Jewett W. Adams, who later became the governor of the state of Nevada, drove a herd of cattle from Texas to Twin Springs near Tonopah, which was a four month trip in the late 1860-1870’s, when ranges were wide open. When the state brand law came into effect in 1873, his first recorded brand was DJ around 1913, he formed a partnership with William N. McGill, whose ranch was located where the Town of McGill now stands. Together they became the largest land and cattle outfit in White Pines County, until their vast holdings were liquidated in the 1930’s after Mr. McGill death.